Why Use a Health Coach?

A Health Coach can take your life to new heights by teaching you how to care for yourself in a loving way through food combined with a healthy lifestyle. 

Studies show that people increase their success rates when they enlist support to attain their health goals. A Health Coach is trained to educate, inspire and support you to achieve your health objectives. A Health Coach listens to understand your background, life challenges and expectations concerning your vision for optimum well-being. Then, they formulate a personalized plan that guides you step by step towards healthier food choices and better lifestyle habits. This is important because just as there are no two people alike, there is also no such thing as one “diet” fits all. How many fad “diets” have come and gone?

A Health Coach uses their ability to create a structure for your success. In addition, you don’t need to spend years studying the proper combinations of foods to maximize nutrition because Nutrition Counselors know and understand how to gently and comfortably step you into these power foods. So over time, these new habits will bring your health goals and lifestyle changes into reality.

A health coach gives you an intimate understanding of food and how to incorporate foods to create high energy and stable moods. You’ll understand ways to combine natural foods to significantly reduce or eliminate cravings. You’ll also discover new ways to manage your emotions, which will increase your ability to comfortably maintain your weight.

As you discover your body’s personal food choices they become more enjoyable, flexible and sustainable. A Health Coach can assist you in this process by their approach to balancing not only your foods, but also the reasons why you eat what you eat.

Health coaching is a partnership between the two of us. My role as coach is to provide guidance, support, and resources, identify blocks, and generally help you do the things you know in your heart you should, but have never done.


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