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  • Immune Deficiency

    Posted on January 16, 2012 by in Uncategorized.

    Our immune systems protects the body from bacteria, viruses, fungi and other harmful organisms. Toxins in foods and the environment, poor diet and stress can all contribute to a decline immune-system activity. Once our immune systems become weak our bodies are unable to fight off infections and illness, plus we become weak. The immune system […]

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  • Build your immune system

    Posted on September 4, 2011 by in Uncategorized.

    I know that if you start building a strong immune system now you will save time, money and sick leave later. We prefer to enjoy a hot beverages as our drink of choice during the fall and winter months. But this year, let’s step it up a notch and ┬áinclude more cups of aloe vera […]

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